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You Make Music and Get Heard on SoundCloud

Published on 26.10.2020

Perhaps you have heard about the No. 1 online music community today. It’s called SoundCloud that gives independent music artists the required space to promote DIY music. However, the tools that they use can increase your project and give you an increase in SoundCloud followers.

Here are ways you can use SoundCloud to make your music stand out on a popular platform:

Tags to Make You Heard

If you add a tag to your music, your listeners can find you more easily, particularly on  SoundCloud. A tag should be honest and catchy. Also, add moods and your location to be found easier. Keep things simple by sticking to one genre. The emphasis when thinking of a tag should be on being precise and accurate.

Use Your Waveform to Tell a Story

The Waveform on SoundCloud allows your fans to air their comments on your Waveform. Apart from them, you too should use this medium to upload your comments.

In the comments section, let your community and fans know about the way you made your music tracks. Request your fans for their valuable feedback and give specific sections of your track. Involve them by asking for their opinions and let them be published for all to see. These few steps can go a long way in getting you some real SoundCloud views.

Don’t Limit Your Shares to Your Music

Instead of posting just your music, you should also re-post artists whose work excites you and you respect. This will help create a harmonious environment among people of your ilk and you will go towards creating a community based on humility, mutual tastes, authority, and trust.

When you decide to repost the music of another musician, you take the first step to build a meaningful relationship. Relationships that lead to gigs, collaborations, and helpful partnerships.

Use Impressive Album Art

On SoundCloud, a lot of importance is given to album art. If your track is embedded in one’s blog, your artwork will be there for all to see. If you upload it on Facebook, everyone will see your album art too. Your album stands for your music, no matter which platform your music is seen on.

Album art works like this: Your album art needs to be distinctive before anyone hits the play button. So, ensure that your album art is so distinctive that it stands for not just your music but you too. Take care to see that you use artwork that ranges between 800 x 800 pixels and is either in JPG or PNG form.  

Work Hard to Publish Superb Quality

Once your track is ready and you’re happy with its tone and lyric, you can now sit down and enjoy it. Don’t worry, success is round the corner. But the more you listen to it, the more it may become evident to you that at one part of the track, there needs to be a slight tweak. So, go ahead and make the necessary changes—that would be far better than uploading disappointing quality.

Use Email for Networking

Whichever walk of life you belong to, you’re sure to have one email account. So do you. Now, you can put your email account to use by keeping in touch with everyone with an email. Harness the power of email networking, besides using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Ensure that you use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and their email. You could also consider using the Hubspot extension to track the number of emails that are opened.


If music is your passion, you should get the most out of the SoundCloud platform. With time, you’ll find that as your music finds more fans, your popularity also soars.