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Ways to Beat Instagram Algorithm to Get More Views

Published on 11.11.2020

The textbook definition of an algorithm states that it is software logic to solve a problem. However, the word “Algorithm” in social media has a different meaning. It means to show users “what they want to see”. Especially when it comes to Instagram, It prioritizes those posts having a high engagement rate to make it viral.

Over the past few years, the Instagram algorithm has gone through many updates. Today, it uses three core factors for the posts to get maximum views.

  • Interest Of The User: It predicts the posts a user wants to see based on the past search behavior. It shows you the posts time and again till you convert.
  • Time Factor: In comparison to older posts, new posts are given supreme importance. Recent posts are shown more than the older ones.  
  • Engagement: This means the number of comments, likes, dislikes, share, save, and tags a post receives.

Based on such factors, the algorithm works for a user surfing social media for entertainment or for buying products/services. Other factors may include the number of followers, frequency to use of the app, and the time spent. One can get Instagram followers via paid services to enrich their profile.

Hacks For Better Social Engagement:

It is the time to adopt innovative tricks to beat Instagram Algorithm and reach to millions. Here are five tricks to follow for the same.

Upload Your Posts When Followers Are Online:

Check the Instagram statistics as to when your followers are online. Release your social post or set the ad timings when they are online. It shows your posts to a smaller audience first judge to show them to a larger audience based on the engagement it receives.

If there are followers active at that moment, the posts will have great reach and engagement rates in that short duration. Further, it will show it to a large audience.

Post What Your Followers Want To See:

“Content Is The King”- It is a popular quote in the digital world. Posting relevant content on any platform will work for the business. Take your audiences’ interest into consideration and post accordingly.

Browse your older posts. Check the content that received higher engagement. Draft those types of posts and see the magic.

Use Instagram Stories To Get Views:

There are several ways to boost Instagram views. One of them is the story section that allows users to upload short videos, photo posts, memes, etc. It’s a great way to connect with your followers. The algorithm works same for the stories as it works for the posts.

Video Marketing On IGTV Works:

If you want to connect with your followers, you can choose the video method as the most fruitful one. The IGTV allows uploading a live video of 15 minutes. It can be used for promoting posts, products, and services. You can also post videos in the feed post.   

Use Hashtags:

It is not a simple tag, it is a social tool to make your post reach millions of viewers. Use them in your descriptions.