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6 Proven Ways of Increasing Your YouTube Likes

Published on 28.10.2020

As you’re aware, YouTube is credited with being the world’s No. 2 search engine and serves to educate and entertain audiences. Today, it garners about 22 billion visits per month with an average duration of stay of about 40 minutes or less.

Perhaps, you too like to stay on YouTube a lot while others do not get the required eyeballs and so resort to all kinds of things like buying YouTube views to prove that they are being followed and see in large measure.

However, without resorting to such practices, there are ways by which you can increase YouTube likes.This may take time and a lot of effort from you, but if you do it the right way, you will get the number of views you seek. So, what are these methods? Let’s find out.

Use Catchy Titles That Are Keyword-Rich

By doing extensive keyword research, you should be able to coin an interesting and descriptive title. This will help the algorithm have the keywords that can index your video for better relevancy and attract users to what your video is about.

Request Influencers to Publicise Your Video

Influencers should not be ignored as they come with a large audience base. So, through them, your video can be shared and re-shared multiple times and can also go viral. Since these people are highly visible and followed by others, one share by them can lead to a boost in YouTube views.

Use Video Tags

By using video tags, your content can be sorted and categorized appropriately so that the algorithm understands what your viewers will see in your video. Added to a title and meta description, these three features should ideally bring out the core message of your video.

Accompany Each of Your Videos with a Transcript

With closed captions, you can get more views on YouTube as this convenience helps both the disabled and international viewers. By adding subtitles in languages other than English, your videos can be viewed in non-English speaking countries. This naturally, increases your views.

Sub-titles would also help people who play videos on mute. They needn’t have to listen to you, but just watch you. Lastly, it helps to improve your SEO rankings as Google can rank you for your captions. Captions also increase your reach 3x, plus it keeps viewers on your video for much longer.

Harness the Importance of Your Thumbnail Image

Use your thumbnail image to work for you to increase your views whether it happens naturally or through social media. With superb quality images with highly readable fonts and close-ups of your cast, you can have a thumbnail that boosts your video views.

Use Guest YouTubers

Just like influencers, guest YouTubers can also help boost your views. They can lure your users to provide a spin on your subject matter with their unique perspectives. Leave a link to a video by them in your description box and you will soon build a relationship of give-and-take with them.


By following any of these methods, you can break the barrier of low views on YouTube and grow popular with them.